Key Management

Tranquil Trails Pet Care has a key management system in place to manage client keys so we can provide consistently reliable care to your pets and keep your home safe and secure. We require that all clients provide two keys. TTPC will keep one on file in a secured location at our office. The second key will be in your Pet Sitter’s possession for as long as you remain a client.

Key Security

Security is our TOP PRIORITY! Your keys are kept securely and discreetly labeled with your pet’s name and a unique key code. No one can identify your keys in the unlikely event that they are lost or stolen. Each key is logged into our system and logged out anytime they are exchanged between your pet sitter and the owner. We will always know the exact location of your keys. A backup set is necessary in case a key breaks or if your Pet Sitter or Dog Walker accidentally become locked out of your house.  Should something happen that our employee cannot take the visit, we have a key available for another staff member ready to jump in.

Your keys will be tested and collected before the start of services during our Meet & Greet. If your keys are not available during our Meet & Greet, you MUST schedule a key pickup. There is an additional $25 fee for this pickup.

We WILL NOT leave your keys at your home or lock them inside after your last visit/service. If you would like your keys returned after your service, you may schedule a Key Return for $25, or we can send them back to you via USPS for $20. We can also destroy and discard your keys free of charge.

If your account has been inactive for two (2) years, we will email you to ask if you want your account left open or if you want your account closed and keys returned. We will close your account and destroy your keys if we don’t hear from you within seven (7) days.

Alternate Key Procedure – At Client’s Risk

If you do not wish to provide keys, we can alternately use coded entry or a garage code. This option is allowed strictly at the risk and responsibility of the client. It is your responsibility to ensure your online profile is up-to-date with detailed code and entry information. If you choose to use this method and we cannot gain entry for ANY reason, we will notify you immediately. The will be a charge of $25 for return visits to try to gain entry. We strongly recommend that you have a primary and secondary entry method, such as a hidden key, if you choose this option. Again, we do not support this option.

If your Pet Sitter becomes locked out and you have not provided us with a backup key(s), we will be required to call a Locksmith, and there is a minimum $75 fee for this service – as well as for the time the sitter must remain with your pet(s). Costs are also subject to increase during holidays.

Lock-Out Service

We can bring your key to you and let you in your home if you get locked out.

Key Lock Out Service  $25