Small Animal Pet Sitting

Whether they hop, scurry, scamper, slither, fly or swim, your small friends will be healthy, safe, and secure in the comfort of their own home. Changing the environment of small animals will provide unnecessary stress. We will make sure your small friends stay safe and secure while you’re away. Even though small animals may not show emotions in the same ways as cats and dogs, they need love and attention throughout the day, too. Our small animal visits include providing fresh food and water, cage cleaning, and cuddling, as appropriate.

Small mammals and reptiles with heat lamp timers are visited no less than every 24 hours, but we recommend every 12 hours. During this visit, we will check to make sure your pet is safe, check food levels, provide fresh water, clean their bedding or cage, and provide attention based on your instructions.

Birds, ferrets, and reptiles without heat lamp timers are visited no less than once every 12 hours.

The prices provided below include up to two small animals. Each Additional Small Pet refers to an additional charge for each small pet over two small pets (ex. 3 small pets for 30 minutes would be $30.00). It does NOT include dogs and cats.

An aquarium or, in most cases, a small animal cage of animals is considered one small pet.