Pet Care Services

Tranquil Trails Pet Care can provide you and your pets with a wide variety of pet care options to keep your pet happy and healthy while you are away. We pride ourselves on the ability to adapt to your specific needs, so please don’t hesitate to ask about customizing any of the services below to suit you and your pet’s needs better.

We will never pretend to be an appropriate fit for every pet parent. Take the time to research pet care providers to determine the best fit for you and your pets. No two pets, no two pet parents, no two pet care providers are alike. We hope you select us based on the desire to establish a beneficial long-term relationship.

We are available between 6:00 am and 9:30 pm for our all of our pet sitting and walking services with the exception of the Tranquil Trails Hikes, which are listed on our Events list. Our schedule is divided into Early Morning, Mid-Day, Afternoon, and Evening blocks to allow our Pet Care Specialists some flexibility in the event of traffic or some other unforeseen event.

We use Time To Pet software to schedule all appointments and to send you updates, which include:

To create a profile for you and your pets and schedule services, please click on the Create Profile button. You will have your own login, and you will be able to access all features whether you use the website or the app. There is an app available to download for both Apple and Android devices.

Download the Time To Pet App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store Here:

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Free Meet & Greet

To establish a healthy, long-lasting relationship with you and your pets, we require a free Meet & Greet for all new clients, clients who have moved to a new home, or clients who have added a pet.  The meeting takes between 30 and 90 minutes and is held at least 48 hours before the service begins. The purpose of this visit is to meet you and your pets, tour your home, complete the necessary paperwork, answer questions, get two copies of your keys, and create a specific pet care plan with detailed instructions. For more information about the Meet & Greet, visit our FAQs.

Pet Sitting

Boarding is not suitable for every pet, and sometimes you may not want to impose on friends, family, or neighbors. In-home pet care allows your pets to stay where they feel comfortable and secure. We will do our best to keep your pet on its regular daily routine. You can be confident that your pet is in gentle, caring, honest, and reliable hands. We have experience with and are available to care for, dogs, cats, rabbits, small birds, non-venomous snakes, and other small animals. We treat every pet as if they are our own.

Dog Walking

Dogs need exercise to live happy, well-balanced lives. Daily dog walking provides your dog an opportunity to loosen stiff joints, release excess energy, and be mentally stimulated. Personal attention, affection, exercise, and play, while you’re at work or busy with errands, helps to create a relaxed state of mind. Research shows that dogs who have enough exercise feel less stress, exhibit fewer signs of separation anxiety, and have a healthier social temperament.

Tranquil Trail Weekend Hikes

Our name, Tranquil Trails, comes from the fact that we are located in the southern Poconos, near the Appalachian Trail and the Delaware & Lehigh Trail, Bake Oven Knob, and Lehigh Gorge State Park. We LOVE going for hikes along these trails. Hiking is a great way to give your active dog a change to his usual routine by exploring different trails in the area. Wading (on leash) in the Lehigh River or D&L Canal is often part of our hikes, weather permitting.

Enrichment Visits

puppy playing

Young puppies, seniors, and pets with special needs may not be able to go on walks that are 30 minutes or longer. They don’t have the stamina but still need mental stimulation and exercise. Age or medical conditions often mean potty breaks are needed more often. Our enrichment visits include a potty break, enrichment activities through play, fresh water, treats (with your permission), and loving attention. We will also clean up after your dog whether it relieves itself on a short-walk or in your backyard.

Pet Care for Home Sellers

dogs during open house

Are you selling your home and trying to figure out what to do with your dog during open houses or home viewings? We can help! We will pick up your dog and take it for a walk, play in a park (not a dog park), or visit pet-friendly locations while you’re showing your home. The more notice we can have the better, but we can usually make arrangements to be at your home within an hour or two.

Wedding Pet Attendant

Make your wedding unique and create memories with your furry family by including your dog in your marriage ceremony. When it comes to unconditional love, there’s nothing like the bond between you and your dog, so surely you’ll want your best four-legged friend involved in your marriage ceremony. Your Pet Care Specialist will help to keep your special day worry free by ensuring that your pet receives loving care during your wedding and reception so you can celebrate and enjoy your wedding day with your guests. Whether your pet’s role in your ceremony is large or small, we are happy to assist your needs.

Custom Services

Each of our clients is unique, and each pet is unique. As a member of our family, you and your pets will benefit from our distinctive services. Explore and tailor your pets’ needs for the ultimate pet care experience.