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What Sets Us Apart

We thoroughly screen and train our team. For your protection and ours, our Pet Care Specialists are employees, not independent contractors, who are bonded and insured and covered by workman’s compensation. Our Certificate of Liability Insurance and our Business Service Bond are available to our Clients in the Client Portal. A copy of these documents is also provided to all clients as part of our Welcome Packet.

Our Pet Care Specialists receive hands-on Pet CPR & First Aid training. Most pet sitting and dog walking services don’t require pet CPR and first aid certification and, if they do, the training is usually online with no hands-on component. Our Pet Care specialists also receive weekly online safety training which they incorporate into their handling practices. This training is taken a step further during our monthly hands-on training sessions using our own pets. We also regularly review industry best practices and incorporate them into our services. This intense focus on exceptional care and safety sets us apart from other professional pet sitting and dog walking services. 

Professional Team of Pet Care Specialists

Our Pet Care Specialists are professionals who provide the highest quality service, and to them, this is not a hobby. To become a Tranquil Trails Pet Care Specialist, a candidate must demonstrate the qualities that are the foundation of our mission: Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, Attention to Detail, and a Strong Work Ethic. They must also understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service. We do not compromise on these traits.

Our team members receive regular performance evaluations and merit pay increases. Client reviews are an essential part of those performance evaluations. We also use client feedback to determine what type of additional training we may need.

We invest in our employees by providing monthly continuing education training through a variety of sources including FetchFind. Team members are expected to start the Fear-Free Pets certification process by the end of 2019.

All team members:

  • Go through an extensive screening process, including
    • A well-recognized valid and reliable screening survey,
    • An annual comprehensive nationwide criminal background check through Pet Pro Check,
    • A motor vehicle record check through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
    • A professional reference check.
  • Must be certified in Pet CPR & 1st Aid, through an approved hands-on course, within three (3) months of hire.
  • Are required to participate in monthly safety training.
  • Have regular performance evaluations and are eligible for merit pay increases and opportunities for advancement based on performance.
    • Client feedback is an essential element of performance evaluations.
  • Are insured and bonded and covered by worker’s compensation.
Laurie Mathews

Hi, I'm Laurie, the owner of Tranquil Trails Pet Care, LLC.

I started this business because I love animals. I live in Lehighton with my husband and our four dogs - two young German Shepherds and two seniors, a Pitbull and an American Bulldog/Boxer mix. Our dogs are part of our family. We consider them our children and we make decisions about where we live, the furniture we buy, and the vehicles we drive with our dogs in mind. I get how important pets are, and I want to provide the same exceptional pet care to others that I believe my pets deserve.

Our pets provide unconditional love and incredible support to us. They sense things and can help us, console us, and protect us in ways that we have yet to understand. Their loyalty is unmatched! These characteristics are why "Pets Are Our Passion; Exceptional Care Is Our Mission." They deserve nothing less.

My Experience

I've had pets of one type or another for more than 45 years. I've had dogs, cats, parakeets, lovebirds, rabbits, snakes, and fish. I've never owned, but I've provided pet sitting services for, Guinea Pigs, gerbils, and hamsters. I've raised dogs from 8-week old puppies to senior citizens, who have eventually crossed the rainbow bridge. I've raised kittens from newborns to seniors. For the past 11 years, we have had anywhere from three to five large dogs at a time. 

I am certified in Pet CPR & First Aid (hands-on training, not just online) and have fairly extensive experience providing first aid to dogs, cats, and horses. As a volunteer on the Carbon County Animal Response Team (emergency first responders for animals), I am working on my FEMA certifications and will be getting additional training in animal first aid and management.

My experiences with special needs dogs include a Boxer with severe Cardiomyopathy, another Boxer with Indolent Corneal Ulcers (also known as Boxer Ulcers), and a German Shepherd with Degenerative Myelopathy.

Kayla Rivera
Pet Care Specialist

Hello, my name is Kayla. Animals have been my passion my entire life. I have owned and taken care of many different domestic and exotic animals. I volunteered at the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center and Carbon County Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. When I’m not taking care of animals in need, I am spending time with my two Huskies, snakes, and a duck. I am enrolled in a Vet Tech program and have completed my Fear Free certification.

Tom Mathews
Pet Care Specialist

My name is Tom Mathews. I'm Laurie's husband. I have extensive experience with dogs, cats, and snakes. I LOVE dogs! I help out with visits when I'm not at work doing lawn care, landscaping, and plowing. I have had many dogs including, but not limited to, German Shepherds, Boxers, a Pitbull, an American Bulldog mix, and several mutts. I have experience with dogs ranging from puppies to seniors. It is important to me to ensure that our dogs and the dogs I work with are safe, secure, and healthy. I'm very experienced in pet first aid and regularly do nose to tail checks on our dogs to ensure that they remain healthy. I encourage pet owners to do this as well.

I look forward to taking care of your pets and ensuring that they are happy, healthy, and safe when you're away.

Julian Mathews

Hi, my name is Julian.

I'm a sable German Shepherd from European working lines and the Ambassador for Tranquil Trails Pet Care. You'll often see me out and about around town. Mom takes me just about everywhere she can. Sometimes Xena, my sister, is with us. I'm very friendly and love meeting new people. I prefer to keep my distance from other dogs. I have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to helping Mom ensure that we are providing exceptional pet care to our clients and their pets.

Hiring & Interviewing

I have a very important role in our hiring and interviewing process for new employees to help ensure that candidates fit our mission of providing exceptional pet care services. I attend interviews so that mom can evaluate how candidates react to a dog they don't know. Mom will assess their comfort level around me and how they approach me. She also has them demonstrate their leash handling skills and their Pet CPR & First Aid skills. 

CPR & First Aid

Mom is certified in Pet CPR & First Aid training and has many years of experience providing First Aid to all of her pets. She believes it's critical to practice regularly to maintain her skills, so I let her practice her Pet CPR & First Aid on me. You can be sure that you're pets will be well cared for if an emergency should arise.

What I Don't Do

I will never go on any visits or dog walks with clients' pets. We have a rule that no other people or pets are allowed when providing services.

Xena Mathews
Associate Ambassador

Hi, my name is Xena Warrior Princess.

I'm Julian's little sister. Julian and I have the same canine mom and dad, but I'm almost six months younger than him. I LOVE my big brother!! I don't go to as many places as my brother because I'm a little frightened of other people and dogs. Mom, Dad, and Julian are working on helping me with my fears. Like my brother, I help with employee interviews and monthly hands-on training. If you're around Lehighton, out on the D & L Trail, or shopping in Lowes, you might see me out for a walk with my Mom and Dad and my brother. 

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