Kitty Sitting

Not as dependent on us as our canine friends, our feline friends are still in need of lots of affection, and we love giving it to them! There is so much more to care than putting a bowl of food down for your cat. Sure, we take care of the essentials – feeding, providing fresh water, litter box cleaning, etc. – but we also go above and beyond what other sitters do by spending true quality time with your cats – brushing them, and spending quiet time with elderly, disabled, sick, or shy cats. At the end of the day, you can rest assured that we follow your instructions in intricate detail.

While cats are technically capable of staying by themselves for a couple of days, we require at least one 30-minute visit a day because cats can get stuck behind appliances, get hurt in a variety of ways, or get sick. It’s important to ensure that they remain safe and healthy while you’re gone.

We strongly believe that cats should be kept indoors, but we know that this can be difficult or impossible in the case of feral cats. If you have feral cats that only need food and fresh water, we can do one 15-minute visit a day. Since we have little to no control over feral cats and their environment, we cannot be liable for the health and safety of feral cats.

The prices provided below include up to two cats. Each Additional Cat refers to an additional charge for each cat over two cats (ex. 3 cats for 30 minutes would be $30.00).

We strongly recommend one litter box per cat. We require at least one litter box for every two cats (with the exception of feral cats)!