Enrichment Visits

Enrichment visits provide mental stimulation and exercise for pets that don’t have the stamina to go on long walks. These visits are available for both dogs and cats. Puppies, seniors, and pets with special needs may not be able to go on walks that are 30 minutes or longer. Age or medical conditions often mean potty breaks are needed more often. Our enrichment visits include a potty break, enrichment activities through play, fresh water, treats (with your permission), and loving attention. We will also clean up after your dog whether it relieves itself on a short-walk or in your backyard.


puppy playing

Puppies can hold their bladder for one hour for each month of age, i.e., a three-month-old puppy can hold its bladder for three hours. Our puppy visits will ensure that your little one has the opportunity to relieve itself instead of making messes in your house. We recommend starting out with more frequent visits for young puppies. As they get older and can go longer without accidents, the number of visits per day can be reduced.

Seniors and Pets with Special Needs

senior special needs puppies

Do you have a senior pet or a pet with special needs? Does your pet need medication administered on a specific schedule? There’s no need to adjust scheduled medication. We can be there to provide medication as needed.

Frequent potty breaks may also be necessary for seniors and pets with special needs. They often have a little more trouble controling their bladder. Generally, we recommend two to three 30-minute visits to ensure that your dog has the opportunity to relieve himself instead of having accidents in your house. However, multiple visits of longer duration may be more appropriate depending on the unique needs (mobility, medication administration, etc.) of your pet.

*Weekly Rate Packages include five (5) visits per week, on different days. We do not issue credits or refunds for unused visits. You can move one (1) scheduled visit a week to a different day/time because we recognize that plans change.