Understanding Dogs


“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

The more we learn we learn to read and understand our dogs the better our relationship will be with them. The following is a list of books that I’ve read and regularly reference. You might enjoy them and find them helpful. I will be updating this list as I read new books.

A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron.

Decoding Your Dog: The Ultimate Experts Explain Common Dog Behaviors and Reveal How to Prevent or Change Unwanted Ones by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists.

For the Love of a Dog: Understanding Emotion in You and Your Best Friend by Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D.

How Dogs Learn by Mary R. Burch and Jon S. Bailey.

How Dogs Think: What the World Looks Like to Them and Why They Act the Way They Do by Stanley Coren, PhD.

How to Speak Dog: Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communication by Stanley Coren, PhD.

My Dog, My Buddha – To: Human, Love: Dog by Kimberly Artley.

Reaching the Animal Mind by Karen Pryor.

Team Dog: How to Train Your Dog The Navy Seal Way by Mike Ritland.

The Culture Clash: A Revolutionary New Way to Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic Dogs by Jean Donaldson.

The Genius of Dogs: How Dogs Are Smarter than You Think by Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods.

The Other End of The Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs by Patricia B. McConnell,  Ph.D.

The Power of Positive Dog Training by Pat Rutland.

U.S. Military Working Dog Training Handbook, Department of Defense

What the Dog Knows: The Science and Wonder of Working Dogs by Cat Warren.



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